Ben Stanhope graphic design and art

Yahweh and Baal and the "cloud-rider" motif.

 Over the years, I've created hundreds of Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies images and infographics for various blogs, publications, and YouTube channels. I'm almost always happy to let others use and share these images for their own content for free with attribution (my name and a link to this blog). One of my goals with this website is to upload these images with tags so they will appear in search engines and people (especially educators) can benefit from them.

To look through all my visual design posts just click on the "graphic design" tag. Clicking on the images opens them in higher resolution.

If you want to commission some digital or video art, a book cover, infographic, etc. you can contact me via this blog's contact forum or my email you'll find on my academia page.

The stamp seals of King Hezekiah

Habakkuk 3 depicts Yahweh marching into battle with the gods Resheph and Deber.


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