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I possess a degree from Boyce College of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where I served as a Garrett Fellow, and an M.A. in Manuscript Cultures from Hamburg University in Northern Germany where I studied Semitic and other ancient manuscript traditions and was educated in archaeometric science by several Dead Sea Scrolls scientists.

My research thesis entitled, "First Temple Hebrew Seals and Bullae Identifying Biblical Persons" explores novel interpretations of Egyptian solar iconography on papyrus seals of the biblical royal court and its findings were published in a 2021 volume by Sheffield Phoenix entitled Epigraphy, Iconography, and the Bible. I'm also the author of (Mis)interpeting Genesis, an academic book written to engage lay people that exegetically critiques the young earth Creation Museum by the organization Answers in Genesis as an object lesson in how to understand the Bible in its ancient Near Eastern context.

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  1. Ben,

    My name is Matt. I want to say that I have read your book 'Misinterpreting Genesis' and found it to be an excellent read. I can relate to your past as a young-Earth creationist; I was one as well. I became a YEC when I was a teenager and the late Henry Morris became my hero. I used his book 'The Remarkable Record of Job' to convince my mother and her mother that dinosaurs really did exist and that the Bible describes them. I renounced the faith in my 20s because I became convinced that the Bible is a flawed book and it's likely that Jesus never rose from the dead.

    I decided to buy your book because I became very interested in what the Creation Museum was getting wrong about Genesis. I read about the seven days, the symbolic genealogies, and about how to interpret Genesis 1:1, etc. In fact, I plan to go through all of the academic sources that you cited in your footnotes and delve into further study. I really appreciate the work that you put into this book and I look forward to reading your blog posts as well.

    I want to thank you for writing this book. Books like these are very badly needed and it's tragic that Christians will either ignore your book or just read it to attempt a refutation. It's sad and disturbing what confirmation bias can do to some people. Anyways, I am looking forward to learning more from you and others!

  2. Hello Ben,

    Firstly, I deeply appreciate your work, both your book and your youtube channel. I first came into contact with your videos from a friend of mine and I became fascinated with the ancient israelite world as you presented it. Now, both me and my friend got your book and its excellent stuff! I'm really looking forward to any new video and publication.

    Secondly, I've recently come across the Documentary Hypothesis and was curious as to what your stance is on this matter? Also, are you interested in making any videos or posts on the Documentary Hypothesis?

  3. Hi Ben

    What is your faith position please?


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