Infographic: Seal Artifacts Identifying Biblical Persons

The following infographic visualizes some of my research on Hebrew seals and Bullae of the Iron Age royal court. Basically, I used formal verification criteria modeled in Lawrence J. Mykytiuk's doctoral thesis, Identifying Biblical Persons in Northwest Semitic Inscriptions and determined that of the thousands of seals and seal impressions discovered in the archeological record which ones we can say with confidence identify individuals named in the Hebrew Bible.

Benjamin Stanhope, "Iconography on Hebrew Seals and Bullae Identifying Biblical Persons and the Apparent Paradox of Egyptian Solar Symbols" in Meir and Edith Lubetski (eds.), Epigraphy, Iconography, and the Bible. Hebrew Bible Monographs 98 (Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2022), 175-206.

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