A Great New YouTube Documentary on the Creation Museum

I wanted to alert people about a new documentary on the Creation Museum by a Primatologist named Erika who runs the YouTube channel Gutsick Gibbon. It basically rocks out on electric guitars while making science look cool. In other words, it accomplishes in reality what Neil DeGrasse Tyson thinks he is in his head.

Erika grew up reading those same Young Earth picture books I had at my bedside as a kid that depict hadrosaurs spewing fire out of their pie holes into the faces of previously vegetarian T-Rexes like a Wehrmacht Flammenwerfer. Don't ask me to explain, I don't have time here to unpack Young Earth deep lore. Anyways, Erika visited the Creation Museum in her childhood and probably knows its literature better than Ken Ham himself (ʿalayhi as-salām). Now, as a budding scientist and adult, we get to watch her revisit the Museum and Ark Encounter and laugh with and at her as the process of scientifically dismantling all their major claims slowly unravels her sanity over the course of two hours. My book even receives a few mentions.

My favorite segment is when she recurrently quotes Ham's rhetorical tactic of quoting Proverbs 30:6: "Do not add to [God's] words." Meanwhile, the man runs several museums teaching children seraphs were pterosaurs, that T-Rexes and lions were originally vegetarian immortals, that Noah brought dinosaurs onto the ark, that the entirety of Egyptian and Mesopotamian chronology must be rewritten to accommodate a global flood during the Golden Age of the Pyramid Builders, and does all sorts of gymnastics with Genesis 1 to make it fit in with our modern scientific knowledge of the spherical earth and atmospheric heaven--ideas held by none of the Iron Age civilizations of the ancient Near East.

Not only does the museum violate scientific consensus at every turn, but it ironically constantly finds itself at odds with the consensus of Biblical Studies because few of its staff are actually trained in understanding ancient Semitic culture or languages.


  1. Hey, what do you think about writing a post in response to Quantum weirdness 1's critique of your YouTube video called "The Solid Sky Dome of Biblical Cosmology and the Ancient Near East", it's the most recent comment there, and his criticism is the strongest


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